A team of press photographers who take the pictures for this newspaper are staging an exhibition of their more creative work this week.

The Deadlinepix team are showcasing a wide variety of images ranging from their favourite professional work to portraits and creative travel shots taken in Europe, America and Asia.

Ben Mole, Staph Ousselam and Gareth Harmer are all taking make up the show as is Paul Tanner and Joanne Wakenshaw who presents a radio show in Kingston.

Mr Harmer said: "Going to new places is always inspiring to photographers - quite a few of the pictures in our show were taken abroad.

"I have a backlog of pictures on my computer, and in boxes of negatives which are never going to be seen unless I get them printed and show them.

"They are different to press work because they were taken off the cuff as a reaction to something I saw. They don't really have a context or a story to go with. I just like them as pictures."

Mr Ousselam added: "It's certainly an art to try to capture an obvious picture and somehow show another angle. We always try putting our own personal touch to a scene which is why every photographer would show something different in their image."

International Gallery Exhibition, Wimbledon Library Gallery, Wimbledon Hill Road, from July 24 until August 4, free, open Monday to Friday 9.30am-7pm and Saturday 9.30am-5pm.