Queen of the high street Mary Portas has pledged her support to a campaign to stop a supermarket giant "taking over" Teddington.

Sainsbury’s was granted permission, on appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, to open a store at Calligaris Interiors, High Street, after its application for the site was refused by Richmond Council.

Members of the council’s planning committee unanimously refused permission for the supermarket last year, but the decision was overturned in June this year.

The Teddington Business Community said it was "astounded" with the inspectorate’s decision and said the site was "clearly unsuitable for any major food chain".

Councillor Tania Mathias said: "Teddington High Street is in the top 10 high streets in the country and that's because of the unique character of the area.

"The council's planning members rejected the application and, although the only recourse appears to be a legal fight, I would urge Sainsbury's to rethink siting a shop on this corner."

Dr Mathias said she did not think the site, which is across from historic cottages, a church and church hall, was a place for increased traffic which a supermarket would bring.

Last week, Mary Portas, who was appointed to lead a review into the future of the British high street by the prime minister, blogged to show her support for the ongoing campaign against the supermarket.

In her post on the Huffington Post website, she said: "Don’t get me wrong, I love competition. It’s what makes business healthy. But fair competition only please.

"When you have a cost base like Sainsbury's, way below that of a local independent, you have a natural advantage in price and service.

"What I’m arguing for is that they should behave as responsible and good neighbours.

"The people of Teddington don’t dislike Sainsbury’s any more than most of their competitors. But they do love the variety of the ‘indies’ who have managed to keep their doors open and make their high street special."

The supermarket chain will also be opening a premises in Kingston Road, after planning permission was granted by the council in November last year.