Heavy rainfall throughout the day has caused the Thames to burst its banks near Hampton Court.

A flood warning is still in place by Hampton and Hampton Wick due to high fluvial flows upstream and tides.

Further property flooding is possible closest to the river at Hampton and Hampton Wick, the Environment Agency has warned.

Rainfall is expected to continue throughout the afternoon today, February 12, and into Thursday.

The next high tide is at 2.45am tomorrow and is expected to be higher than today’s.

The moat at Hampton Court Palace has about 1m of water in it.

People travelling through Richmond Park have been warned to take extra care as parts of it are flooded, especially the west region near Pembroke Lodge.

Pembroke Lodge manager Louise Hearsum said the premises were unaffected by flooding, and that weddings set to take place there will still go ahead.

Environment Agency flood warnings still remain in place in the Hampton, Hampton Wick, Teddington and Trowlock Island areas.