The Horse Rangers Association honoured three members of staff who have given 45 years of combined service to the charity.

Theresa Barrett from Claygate has been with the Hampton Court organisation for 20 years, Georgie Rider from Hampton for 15 years and Becky May from Sunbury for 10 years.

The trio were last week given a surprise celebration in honour of their hard work.

Theresa joined Horse Rangers at the age of eight and progressed through the organisation to become an officer and chief instructor.

She joined the stable staff in 1994 and was promoted to head girl and stable manager in 1999.

She is now responsible for the management and wellbeing of the horses and, as well as her weekday work at the stables, she volunteers at the weekends as an officer and instructor in Squadron 3.

Georgie joined Squadron 5 at the age of eight, joined the stable staff in 1999 and was promoted to be Theresa’s deputy six years later.

She also volunteers with Squadron 3 as an officer and instructor and has been a member of the Musical Ride Display Team since she was 18.

Becky joined in 2004 and is the senior groom. She has a national diploma in equine studies and has been riding since she was nine.

Richard Bevan, chairman of the trustees, said: “These are tough, demanding jobs, often requiring the girls to work in adverse weather and for long hours, but they do it for love of the horses under their care which they treat as if they were their children.

“The fact that Theresa, Georgie and Becky have been with us for so long serves as testament to what a unique organisation Horse Rangers is and I’d like to thank them from all of us for their dedication and hard work.”