A man who was stranded on his house boat for a day was rescued by fire fighters over the weekend.

The 50-year-old became victim to the high water levels after his boat, which was moored off Platt’s Eyot in Hampton, ran out of power leaving him stranded.

Fire fighters were called to rescue the man at about 5.30pm on Saturday, February 8.

Tim Lucas from Twickenham fire station said: “He was living on a houseboat moored up and due to the increase of movement of water in the Thames a lot of islands are becoming more flooded.

“He had been stuck there for approximately a day.

“He had no way of getting anywhere as he had run out of gas, electric.

“His mobile was running low on power so he had called his mother who alerted us.”

Mr Lucas said the fire service was also called to reports of loose barges on the River Thames over the weekend, again due to the flood conditions.

He said: “We just went to make sure they were secured.”

Mr Lucas warned people to stay away from the water or be extremely careful if they were nearby.

He said: “Please do not go near the water if you can help it. At the moment the Thames is very very high. People must be very very careful even walking along the tow paths.”

Over the weekend the Environment Agency issued further flood warnings for the borough for areas including Hampton, Hampton Wick and Teddington.